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Alabama Science Course of Study
The main goal of the Alabama course of study for science is to give all Alabama students a solid foundation in science and engineering. This course of study includes the most current scientific and engineering practices, cross-cutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas our students need in order to become college and career ready. Providing the K-12 students of Alabama with a foundational understanding of scientific theories and laws will enable them to excel in the scientific discoveries of the future.

Scientific theories are developed from observations and evidence to explain the nature of phenomena, to predict future outcomes, and to make inferences about the past. Scientific laws are supported by replicable experiments from within a controlled environment. Both theories and laws have equivalent utility and are open for revision in light of new evidence. The theory of evolution has a role in explaining unity and diversity of life on earth. This theory is substantiated with much direct and indirect
evidence. Therefore, this course of study requires our students to understand the principles of the theory of evolution from the perspective of established scientific knowledge. The committee recognizes and appreciates the diverse views associated with the theory of evolution.
High School Science Teachers
John Blackwell
Lindsey Oliver
Caroline Sentell